Tuesday, August 3

‘Future homes will be designed around tech’

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Home design is undergoing a metamorphosis from a demand for maximum space utilisation to appreciation of minimalist decor. In the years ahead, interior designers and architects foresee trends being driven by connected homes.

“Modular is the way ahead. Young customers do not like permanence. They are constantly changing jobs and shifting cities. Hence, they want furniture that can be easily assembled and dismantled. Homes in future will be driven by technology and everything else — furniture and furnishing — will have to fit into the design trends that the tech devices set,” felt interior architect Indranil Dey.

Other designers, too, feel devices will dictate the next change in the industry. While TV serials had ushered in bright colours, tech devices are usually white, black or grey and may usher in a preference for muted shades in future.

Another preference shift is in favour of trendy interiors that last only a few years from durable interi-ors that survive decades. “People now want to change the look every five years. They want excitement in life,” said interior designer Ritu Duggal.

While frequent makeovers mean more business, there are many challenges that designers have to confront now. If TV serials had introduced the masses to the world of interiors a )decade-and-a-half ago, frequent trips abroad and internet on cellphone have increased their exposure — so much so that designers say their creating instincts are being stifled by customers who hire them but believe they now know everything about the trade.

“The interior market has exploded. In the past 15 years, business has increased five times. If there were 350-400 designers in Kolkata earlier, now there are more than 2,000 in business. But only one in five customers actually gives designers the creative freedom. Most of them dictate what they want, and it is either something they have seen on a trip abroad or on the internet. We are becoming copy cats,” rued veteran interior professional Ajit Kumar Jain.

Speaking to TOI, many designers said they felt demotivated by clients’ demands to simply copy others’ ideas. “Interiors of a house should reflect the personality of people who live in it. The process of designing the interiors is a collaborative one, with us getting to know the clients and their requirements, designing the home, consulting the client, factoring in changes and then executing it. But when customers believe they know everything and dictate everything, one is left wondering what our role is,” said designer Abhijit Saha.


Source: Times of India

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