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A restaurant in Kolkata where prices vary each day, and understanding Pice hotels

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Indulge in an authentic Bengali dining experience at an astounding budget at this  old Kolkata restaurant. Established way back in 1928, Hotel Sidheswari Ashram is a culinary institution that caters to people from all walks of life. The most interesting thing here is that they do not have a printed menu, as the menu for the day is written on boards. Why? Because the prices of various dishes vary from day to day. This is done in accordance with the price at which the fishes were bought on that day.

Hotel Sidheswari Ashram was founded by Khudiram Sarkar as a place for lodging, and it was much later when it was transformed into a restaurant. The place is a bare minimum, and very simplistic. But it has two parts, one that is air-conditioned and the other that is not air-conditioned. The prices for these two vary.

The restaurant serves a large variety of fish, all of which are loved by Bengalis, and you also have chicken, mutton, and vegetables. It keeps your budget in mind and serves some amazing food at the lowest rates. So here you can very easily find a dish of fish curry for as low as INR 50 or, on certain days, even lower than that.

One interesting dish to try here is the Kobiraji jhol. The kobiraji is essentially a deep-fried snack that is made of fish/chicken, eggs, and batter. But at this restaurant, they take it to the next level creating a curry or jhol. This dish is something that most Bengalis might not have had during their lifetime and is unique to this place. Besides, if you are a new traveller in the city and are looking to try different types of Bengali dishes, this restaurant could be ideal for you.

Now, let me introduce you to something unique about such restaurants/hotels in Kolkata. The term hotel is often used to mean a typical restaurant, but more importantly, such a restaurant is called Pice hotel. Pice is perhaps taken from the word Paisa, or Price, but one thing for sure, if you are in Kolkata, you must try eating at any Pice hotel. These hotels are not places where you can spend a lot of time, but just sit, eat, and leave. Always avoid peak lunch hours as you will find yourself lost in a rush of people.


Source: Times of India

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