Tuesday, December 6

South Point School launches Covid helpline

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South Point school has started a “Covid helpline” where parents or staff can raise a medical requirement on the school app, which the school will post for all the 25,000-odd users of the app to help mobilise resources during this crisis.

The requirement could be on information regarding availability of hospital beds, ambulances, oxygen, medicines, blood/plasma donors, nursing care services, food supply and isolation/quarantine centres, the school said in a notice issued to all parents and staff on Wednesday.

“The second wave of the Covid pandemic has hit the country very hard and has stretched all health resources thin….Simply depending on the government system in such a dire situation is perhaps not enough…South Point, a large educational institution, with thousands of families directly or indirectly connected to it, would like to be of assistance in these trying times…” said the notice from the school.

The school has a student strength of 12,000 and 700 odd staff, all of who use the school app.

“We should leverage our strength, which is our numbers, and allow our parents and teachers to use the platform and get the message across,” said trustee Krishna Damani.

The “Covid helpline”, a new option on the school app, where the school will post all requests for help or information.

The users who need any help or information will have to raise a ticket through the help desk, with their full name and mobile number, which will then be posted on the school app.

The people who can help can then directly contact the person who has generated the request.

The back office of the school will work on processing requests for 13 to 14 hours and the school said they would try to post requests within an hour of receiving them.

However, requests coming between 9pm and 8am will be posted on the next day around 9am, the school said in the notice.

Source: Telegraph

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