Thursday, January 27

Young Psychiatrist awarded for study on infertile women

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A study conducted at RG Kar medical College hospital shows that 75% of the women patients suffering from infertility related disorders have a major mental stress and suffers from depression and 15% of them have suicidal tendency.

The study conducted by Dr Baidyanath Ghosh Dastidar, a psychiatrist,had been awarded by World Psychiatric Association (WPA) as the study shows that women with infertility has a detrimental effect both on psychological wellbeing as well as on quality of life.
Dr Ghosh Dastidar being awarded with this early career psychiatrist fellowship by WPA now wants to carry out this study of mental health of infertile women on a bigger sample size with the help of this fellowship. He said that for the study 100 infertile women patients and 100 fertile women patients who attended the gynaecological OPD at RG Kar hospital were taken for the study with 21 questions. He said that for those infertile women with existing psychiatric illness or gynaecological illness had been excluded from the study.

The study found that the infertility and assisted reproductive techniques cause high stress among female patients, as there is societal pressure on them and also the cost of ART is also high is another factor of stress.

“The study shows that it is imperative to develop social support groups in infertility clinics to manage patients with infertility. The need is greater among patients coming from lower socio-economic strata who lack of counselling support,” said Dr Ghosh Dastidar.

He mentioned in his paper that the problem of the infertile patients should be seen by policy makers not as a medical problem, but more as a biopsychic social phenomenon that affects patients’ families greatly.

He pointed out statistically in the study how the quality of life is hampered among the infertile women patients in comparison to the fertile women patients. He said that professional help and counselling would help the infertile couple and at the same time there is need for reforming social bias, misconception and stigma. Dr Ghosh Dastidar who now works as an RMO in psychiatry department of Calcutta National Medical College hospital said that the anxiety and stress level develops gradually as one is identified to be suffering from infertility.

Source: Times of India

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