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Ways to stay fit in lockdown

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Swim in the pool of the housing complex, no. Morning walk on the Maidan, no. Rush to catch Uber, no. Jostle for space inside the Metro, no. The lockdown forced by the novel coronavirus has left many Calcuttans without their daily dose of “workout”. They are not necessarily gym regulars. From a marketing professional who spends most of the working day outdoor to a graphic designer who has a desk job but plays table tennis in the late evening to keep fit, many Calcuttans are “feeling heavy” after just a few days of confinement. Public health experts have advised people to be prepared for a long haul in the fight against the Covid-19. Assuming that staying indoor is here to stay, The Telegraph lists some basic tips to stay fit after having spoken to experts.

Key movements

 “The fundamental patterns of motion that are behind every exercise or physical movement are squat, lunge, bend, push, pull, twist and gait. These ‘primal pattern movements’ can be done anywhere and everywhere – indoor or outdoor – without any equipment,” said strength and conditioning coach Ranadeep Moitra. Walking, bending to pick up things, climbing stairs to lifting grocery bags, all these involve the seven primal movement patterns, he said. Doing only a handful of these will help in staying fit, said Moitra, owner of Endorphins Gym.

His guide to

Basic squats: Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart, keep your arms down at both sides. Keep your chest and neck up, bend your knees and push your hips back as if you are about to sit on a chair. Continue lowering your butt towards the floor, as far as your flexibility allows. Repeat. Do a total of three sets of 10, with a minute’s rest between each set.
Forward lunges: Stand upright with your feet hip-distance apart. Take a big step forward and lower your body towards the floor. Legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle at the bottom. Push off the front leg to rise back up to start, and repeat on the other side. Do a total of three sets of 10, with a minute’s rest between each set.
Wall prop: Samrat Sen, a Calcutta-based kettlebell expert and fitness trainer, advised basic free hand exercises during home confinement. “Squat, for example, is one of the most elementary and important human movements. It trains the entire body, develops strength, mobility, and builds endurance as well,” he said. Walls and furniture could be used as props for some basic workouts, he added.
Wall push-ups: Stand with palms against the wall and shoulder-width apart. Keep legs away from the wall, the distance depending on personal comfort levels. Bend your elbows and try to get close to the wall, keep the core firm and the entire body neutral and then simply push away from the wall. Repeat a set of 10, three to four times.
Chair squats: Find a chair or a stool and keeping a steady core and upper body, lower yourself to touch the chair and stand up. Do a total of four sets of eight to 10.
Walk at home: If there is some space inside the house, like a hall, walk wall to wall non-stop for 10-15 minutes. Walk longer if you feel ok.

Source: The Telegraph

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