Tuesday, March 28

Turmeric is gold for immunity seekers as prices rise and organic farms bloom

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We are all aware of the adage that health is wealth. Staying at home and washing hands at regular intervals may not be enough to survive this pandemic. We need to boost our immunity as well. It is believed that having raw turmeric in the morning is good for health. Turmeric has anti-oxidant, anti-viral and antiseptic properties that helps fight several diseases. Also, including vitamin C in your daily diet is beneficial. No wonder the demand for raw turmeric and lemon has increased and so has the prices. A vegetable vendor from Shyambazar, said, “Our customers have never bought raw turmeric like this before. Earlier, I used to sell 100 grams of raw turmeric for Rs 10. Now, I sell them for Rs 18 or even Rs 20. The demand of lemons has gone up too. My regular customers tell me that vitamin C capsules are unavailable at pharmacies. So, they are adding lemon juice to their daily diet. Earlier, four lemons were available at Rs 10. Now, you can buy only two for the same price. To my surprise, people are still buying.”

Ashok Sen, a businessman living in south Kolkata, makes sure that his family members eat raw turmeric first thing in the morning. “Having raw turmeric with lime and black pepper is mandatory at our home, as it helps boost immunity. These days, you get one lemon for Rs 6 at Lake Market. Oranges too are priced on the higher side. One orange costs Rs 15, while 100 grams of raw turmeric also comes for the same price,” informed Ashok.

Prices of lemon and turmeric have shot up at Gariahat market too. People are buying raw turmeric for skin care as well. “Before lockdown, there was hardly any taker. I used to sell 100 grams for Rs 8 and four to five lemons for Rs 10,” said a vegetable seller, adding, “Now, I am selling turmeric for Rs 18 and the price goes up as per demand and supply. We are also selling lemons for Rs 5-8 per piece, depending on the size.”

Home grown veggies and herbs to avoid crisis

Now that there’s ample time in hand due to lockdown, Kolktans are taking to organic farming at home. They are growing their own veggies, spices and specific herbs needed for daily use. Some of the popular items that can be grown easily at home include methi, pudina, turmeric, dhaniya and curry leaves. Veggies like chilli, tomato, brinjal, pumpkin, bottle gourd et al are also being grown by people on their terrace gardens.

‘If my neighbours need turmeric, I can share from my own produce’

It has been a year that I have started growing a few veggies and spices at home. For the time being, I’m growing turmeric, dhanyia and curry leaves in my balcony. With the lockdown now extended, it’s only helpful that we grow our own produce. Turmeric is used in almost every Bengali dish and has a lot of health benefits. With prices of turmeric soaring in the market, I have told my neighbours that if they need turmeric, I can share from my own produce.”

— Sinta Sengupta, homemaker and a resident of Rajarhat

‘Growing turmeric at home is extremely beneficial’

I have been into organic farming for 30 years now. I grow a lot of veggies and flowers. Turmeric, moringa and several other vegetables are grown in my garden. I have been supplying my produces to five-star hotels too, apart from people I know. Growing turmeric at home is extremely beneficial. It has a lot of health benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory, packed with antioxidants, helps cure heart diseases and more. It is used daily for cooking and in various healthy beverages too.

— Smita Bajoria, entrepreneur and homemaker

Turmeric can be grown easily at home’

It has been two years that I have set up a kitchen garden on my terrace. I have been growing methi, dhaniya, pudina, tomatoes, brinjals, okra and other vegetables. When it comes to medicinal herbs and plants, I grow turmeric, tulsi and aloe vera among others. Turmeric is of great use, as we need it the most every day. It takes three months to grow and can be dried, ground and stored for months. Turmeric can be grown easily at home. You can use the same pot every season to cultivate turmeric.

— Payal Bhattacharya, homemaker and a resident of Baguiati


Source: Times of India

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